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Fee Schedule

$475 -  Private Certificated Courses

*Spiritual Counseling, *Abundance Coaching, 

*Intuitive & Medium Readings: 

1/2 hr  ($185); 1 hr ($325); 2 hrs ($525)


* $600 - RSSP Energy Healing: (Reiki,

Shamanism, Shekinah Light, Pranic Therapy)

3 1/2 minimum up to 4 hrs 

Michelle - Owner/Founder

Services and Fees

Michelle's natural born hypersensitivity to energy caused many many challenges in her life. Unaware that this hypersensitivity was an empathic ability and psychic in nature, she unknowingly channeled the thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as physical symptoms of others without conscious intent. As a result, her life was filled with chronic anxiety, nervousness, and daily emotional stress being happy one minute, sad the next; questioning who she was and why she knew so many things about people she had only first met?

Michelle's burning desire to "just be normal" led her on an incredible journey of spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and heightened psychic mediumship and healing abilities. She now teaches revelations learned to help others understand and control their intuitive gifts and live their lives filled with peace, tranquility, and happiness.

Michelle is the owner/operator of Mystic Connections Healing and Enlightenment Center created to serve the community's needs for personal development in the spiritual arts. She holds classes and certificated programs in psychic mediumship training and a new divinely led healing program, RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healing - (Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light, & Pranic Therapy). Michelle's humor, encouragement, and heart felt love for man-kind offers a safe secure space for expanding your spiritual growth.

Michelle is a psychic medium, spiritual guidance counselor/teacher, conscious channel, medical intuitive, and remote distant energy healer. Private sessions are available for readings, healings, or spiritual counseling by appointment only.     

On Line & In Person Services

*Abundance Coaching

*Spiritual Counseling 

 *House Cleansing/Blessing

*RSSP Energy Healing

*Remote Distant Healing

*Intuitive Medium Reading

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