All of us have "psychic" abilities. It is true! When you hear that little voice in your head or have a feeling to do (or not do) something, spirit has connected. Learning how to open your channels to the higher frequencies of spirit, is simply, a matter of development.  Some people however, are born with wide open channels. This is my story.


My mother once told me when I was a very young child, I had an imaginary friend, named "Mary". Growing up in a very conservative environment and being an only child for five years, my imaginary friend was most likely accepted as a much needed playmate created with an active imagination.  Over the years, "Mary" became a long forgotten memory only to reappear later in life.


I've always had an innate ability to feel other's emotions, understand and know who they are, and sense the truth behind their exterior cover. Feeling physical pain in the area of someone's injury was another phenomena... that, well... just was. I attributed these experiences to being  overly sensitive, not realizing the ability to know is called Claircognizance and the ability to feel is called Clairsentience.   


As the years passed, these unrecognized abilities began to affect my life in a very detrimental way.  High anxiety, exhaustion, and nervousness were the end result of constantly connecting to spirit and absorbing other's energy (unbeknownst to me) and as a result, my mental health took a down ward spirial. Comfort and solitude were only found in my own home, away from people, so I avoided public places as much as possible ... malls, movies, restaurants, and even dreaded going to the grocery store! I thought I was going crazy!! Seeking remedies eventually led me to psychic development classes taught by a most profound and connected teacher, Marybeth Murphy. With her guidance, I learned how to control these natural born ablities, see and hear the multi-dimensions of spirit, and reconnect with my long forgotten, "imaginary" friend, "Mary".  My life completely changed!!


During one of Marybeth's guided meditation sessions, my mother, who had passed years prior, appeared with the most beautiful, kind, and loving  lady I had ever seen. My mom said her name was "Mary". This sparked a distant memory, and I asked my mom if this lady, "Mary", was my imaginary childhood friend and she said yes.  I shared this amazing vision and emotional experience with the class, and my teacher, Marybeth, asked me if the lady, "Mary", was the "Blessed" Mother Mary.  My mouth dropped open and I said I had no idea, I wasn't sure what "Mother Mary" looked like!! Marybeth then showed me a picture of "Mother Mary" for reference, and immediately emotions overflowed.  That picture of "Mother Mary", was an exact, I MEAN EXACT, replica of the lady in my vision... EXACTLY!!!  The face, the eyes,..color of clothing..head cover.. everything. WOW!!


From that point on, "Mother Mary" has been my coach and mentor teaching me how to channel her sacred healing energy, connect with the divine source, and provide positive messages from the Higher Realm for guidance and spiritual growth. 


I have spent many years developing my gift and offer psychic development and energy healing sessions and classes to empower and help others.


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"Wow.  This is a fresh breath of air in our quest for entering a new, amazing metaphysical atmosphere. The owner is a beautiful soul who you will love meeting." - Melinda

"I can honestly say the energy healing work I did with Michelle for almost a year changed my life. She helped me to get in touch with my own inner truth and make decisions for me instead of for everyone else." - Mikee

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