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Psychic Medium Readings/Spiritual Counseling: 1/2 Hr ($185)  1 Hr ($325)

Sharing messages from the other side can reconnect you with loved ones and bring much needed peace, clarity, and insight about your life's path. Understanding difficult situations, challenges, and relationships will help you shift your energy allowing forgiveness, peace, and tranquility back into your heart and soul. 


RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healing Sessions: 4 Hr ($600)


RSSP stands for Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah, and Pranic Therapy. RSSP Energy and Spiritual Healing is a new; spirit led healing modality that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies for permanent healing. RSSP combines a unique and powerful three in one blend of techniques: Reiki, Shamanism, and Pranic Therapy while channeling Shekinah Light in and around the energy bodies. Shekinah Light can best be compared to laser light treatments (without physical intrusion) in that dis-eased cells become dismantled and separated allowing healthy cells to flourish. Various colors of Shekinah Light are used which vibrate at higher frequency levels compared to lower vibrations of dis-ease. This aids the physical body's own natural healing ability on a molecular level. The emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies begin healing when the source of negative thoughts and emotions are identified and released so that energy blockages can be permanently removed. The transformation starts when your life force (prana) flows freely, promoting stability, tranquility, peace, and grounding. This unique holistic healing therapy is meant to enhance and support on going medical treatments. Click on the blog tab for more information. 



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Private Classes, Workshops, Tutoring, and Certificated Courses:


Private services are perfect for those who have: 1) limited access to classes; 2) a unique schedule that interfers with class schedules; 3) prefer private vs group settings; 4) children that need help understanding and controlling their abilities; 5) special circumstances that require individualized attention; or 6) a small group of friends wanting to learn and grow together.  A personalized program can be developed to meet your goals, remove doubts and fears, and build confidence with individual instruction, demonstration, and coaching.  

Group Meditation/Development Classes, Workshops, Certificated Courses:


For detailed information about classes, workshops, and courses, go to the link below or text 714.823.0205 for more information. All classes are scheduled and announced through our Meetup group, Whispers from Heaven at from heaven.

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